Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of articles does PulmCCM Journal publish?

PulmCCM Journal’s focus is publishing concise clinical reviews in respiratory and critical care medicine. We also consider guides to medical decision making (“approach to a clinical problem”), journal club literature analyses, editorial/opinion pieces, case reports, and any other intellectual work that can improve clinical decision making at the patient’s bedside.

How is PulmCCM Journal different than other journals in pulmonary and critical care medicine?

  1. PulmCCM Journal is online-only, allowing rapid turnaround and continual updating, creating “evergreen” current reviews in our specialties.
  2. PulmCCM Journal is 100% open access and free, for readers and authors.
  3. Authors retain copyright, with articles published under a Creative Commons license.

Is PulmCCM Journal peer-reviewed? 
Yes. Every article is reviewed by 1-2 peer reviewers with expertise in respiratory and critical care medicine and academic affiliation. If this sounds like you, please consider joining our team as a peer reviewer.

Is PulmCCM Journal open-access? 
Yes. All articles on PulmCCM Journal are free to view and share under a Creative Commons license. Authors retain original copyright and ownership of their work.

What are your submission guidelines?
Please read our submission guidelines and additional suggestions, and send us your best work.

Does PulmCCM Journal charge authors publication fees? 

Will PulmCCM Journal publish my original research?
Original research will be considered; however, our emphasis is primarily on clinical reviews and practice updates.

How often are PulmCCM Journal’s issues published?
Articles in PulmCCM Journal are continually published as they are approved through the editing and peer review process. 

Will my work published in PulmCCM Journal be included in PubMed and PubMed Central?
Yes, after we establish our scientific merit according to the National Library of Medicine’s criteria. Achieving PubMed listing is a top priority, and we expect this to happen with the publication of strong intellectual work.

What is PulmCCM Journal’s editorial process?
Our editorial board makes all decisions on publication after articles complete the peer-review process. We adhere to the World Association of Medical Editors’ policy recommendations in our editorial and other processes. There is no industry involvement in the editorial process.

Are industry-ghostwritten articles allowed?
No. Each author must affirm that any submitted work is her own. Use of copyediting services not affiliated with the drug/device industry in order to improve readability is permitted.

Are the PulmCCM Journal editors affiliated with industry?
Like most subject matter experts in academic medicine, our editors may have current, past, or future relationships with industry. Each editor provides a disclosure form, updated annually. We strive to identify and minimize conflicts of interest in assignments of peer reviewers and editors.

How is PulmCCM Journal funded?
All PulmCCM Journal’s expenses are currently paid through advertising revenue from the PulmCCM blog. There is no direct funding or involvement by industry. This arrangement will continue as long as it is feasible; if changes occur, they’ll be posted here or in another prominent location.

Will there be advertising on PulmCCM Journal?
If expenses exceed what the PulmCCM blog can support, advertising on PulmCCM Journal will be considered.